Mariette Teugels


Mariette Teugels (born 1935) is one of the greats in Belgium. Throughout her career, she gained international fame as a sculptor and won numerous prestigious awards and honors. Her images are not only found in private collections but also in companies and municipalities all around the world. Mariette has made bronze statues for the university in Leuven, the National Sports Center “Papendal” in the Netherlands, the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, and many others in Italy, France, USA and more.
Mariette Teugels’ creations radiate beauty and love for humans and animals. In Mariette Teugels bronze statues Motion and strength are unmistakable elements. Very typical in her oeuvre is the exceptional elegance of body and gestures. Emotions of everyday life inspires her. The people she shows seem to smile at life.
When you look at a sculpture of Mariette, you never have the impression that you are faced with something complicated. Joy and happiness are key words and the sculpture speaks for itself. Mariette considers the live model as a stimulant, as a source of creativity, which intrigues her, touches and seduces her in its various positions, attitudes, sensibilities and emotions. Mariette Teugels work is an ode to the beauty of man and animal.


Thanks to the beautiful garden with the many sculptures by the artist it became a haven of peace and inspiration within the city center.
The result received the prestigious Europa Nostra Heritage Award.

Europa Nostra




Internationaal Olympisch Comitee – Lausanne
Stad Mechelen
Caristas International
KU Leuven
Nationaal Sportcentrum Papendal
Kunst In De Stad
Vlaamse gemeenschap
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